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“It happened long long time ago when in Fairyland everything was still soft and white. The skin of the fairies, their clothes, their food and drink, every...
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It happened long long time ago when in Fairyland everything was still soft and white. The skin of the fairies, their clothes, their food and drink, every house and castle in the country  was white as snow. So much so that the fairies have never seen colors before. The fairies were very beautiful, gracious and fragile creatures and they had just about everything they needed so they never wondered into foreign lands, they never visited the neighboring countries. They never ever invited anyone either to their own .”

Malati Sankar's tale begins with the above lines. In the story some venturesome fairies  set out to discover the world and end up bringing all the colors of the rainbow for their queen. Fairyland opens its gates to the world and the queen comes to understand that the more colorful is her country, the richer it becomes.

The above tale demonstrates faithfully the goals of our association that has been founded in october 2010 by creative and devoted members among which there are drama teachers, middle and high school teachers (art and literature), drama specialist, recreation organizer and heath trainer, photographer etc.

We organize and perform multicultural events primarily for children and young adults during the school year and summer camps that are structured around various art forms like literature, music, dance, theatre and fine arts.

We believe that children know very little about the traditions, the customs, the literature and the history of the different peoples living either in their own country, in the neighboring countries or in far away lands.  It is quite an unfortunate phenomenon since today we may choose  to travel, to study or to live freely in most countries of the world.  In Hungary as well, more and more different cultures are present.

Among the schoolmates of our children today we find French, Italian students or pupils from Africa and Asia, and still we hardly ever wonder what their country of origin is like, what their cultural background is.   Ignorance may generate fear and rejection in many cases.

Our programs wish to help to develop the ability, the need and the will to communicate beginning at an early age. We try to awake children's sensibility towards different cultures, to help them become tolerant, open adults.  We try to show the children and young adults how we may enrich our lives by reaching out to others, how we can find delight in each other without fear.