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“It happened long long time ago when in Fairyland everything was still soft and white. The skin of the fairies, their clothes, their food and drink, every...
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Our plays

In 2011, when Hungary held the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union for the first time we created two plays for children commissioned by Európa Pont (Bp. Lövőház u.35., Millenáris Park). The above mentioned plays, namely: The Magical Hot-air Balloon in Europe and Vagabonds of the Stars in their theme are closely connected to the European Union.  Our play The Magical Hot-air Balloon in America was first performed on the International Children's Day in Városliget where our association worked in collaboration with the American Corner of Budapest

The Magical Hot-air Balloon in Europe,The Magical Hot-air Balloon in America

Two one hour interactive plays for children made up of several acts during which the children can get a glimpse of classical and more recent stories, songs and rhymes of the various nations populating Europe and in the latter of the minorities living in The United States of America -of the American Nation.

The children take part in the different stories, form their characters, play games. They hear and learn simple rhymes and songs in various languages, try out and play on  the various instruments, do sound and rhythm exercises, they move around, dance.

The group of “grown ups” leading the play consist of professional musicians and drama specialists. All of them have great experience in the field of theater for children and drama pedagogy.

We hope that children become more open and interested regarding other cultures and their own getting a taste in different languages from their songs and mythological stories, folktales and classical literary pieces.

Vagabonds of the Stars

Vagabonds of the Stars a one-hour play especially for primary school children that has been written by the members of the association. The story is playfully allegoric, entertainingly educative closely connected to the European Union in its theme.

Similarly to our other plays the children are involved, they help Europa to find her stolen stars. We use role playing, games and music with the help of four “actors” among which there are visual educators, drama teachers.